Corporate Rates

Monday to Friday
(excluding Friday evenings)

Friday evenings,
Weekends & Holidays

Grand Prix (3 races)



Mini Grand Prix (2 races)



Super Grand Prix (5 races)




1 hour Block



1/2 day Block

($55.56 each with 72 guests)


Full day Block

($52.08 each with 144 guests)


Grand Prix individual prices are subject to HST. Each race session is exclusive to your group.

Exclusive Track Closure prices are based on track use exclusivity to your group, and do not include HST.  Number of guests per block is not restricted, however we caution all groups that a maximum of 10 racers will be able to compete in each 6 to 10 minute segment.

These rates include all track and equipment fees, excluding racing suits and/or gloves, which are available at an additional cost.
Your winners will also be photographed on our racer’s podium.  Quantity of championship cups and free corporate banners is based on the size of your event.  Please see details within this marketing section.

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