Catering Services & Merchandise

Catering services for all meals are of the highest quality.    Kosher meal services may also be arranged as per your needs.  Prices listed do not include HST or gratuities.

Sample meal plans price per guest:

  • Continental breakfast $7.95
  • Pizza & gourmet hot dogs $9.95
  • Hot gourmet sandwiches, with assorted saladst $14.95
  • Three course meals, with breads, salad, entrée, and dessert from $24.95
  • Hearty Racer's Buffet with appetizers, salads, roast beef, vegetables, and coffee/tea $34.95

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GPK offers a variety of products and services that will enhance your private event experience.  Whether you want to ratchet up the authenticity, add to the entertainment value, or just simply preserve the memories of this unique experience, GPK provides cost effective options that will deliver:

  • GPK Logo Authentic Racing Balaclavas for each guest ($2.50/person)
  • Event customized t-shirts, sweat tops, jackets, & hats
  • Trophies & medals
  • GPK Kinected Interactive Centre token packages
  • Race suits and gloves
  • Racing memorabilia
  • Customized DVD production chronicling your event

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